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Canadian upcoming IPOs : Date of Filing listing in descending order
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Company Name Exchange Filing Date Industry
Steamsand Capital Corp. TSXVenture 7/20/2017 CPC
Cabernet Capital Corp. TSXVenture 7/18/2017 CPC
Black Tusk Resources Inc. CSE 7/13/2017 Mining
AIM1 Ventures Inc. TSXVenture 7/10/2017 CPC
Canaccord Genuity Acquisition Corp. TSX 6/30/2017 Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation
MJ Opportunity Corp. TSXVenture 6/30/2017 CPC
Rebel Capital Inc. TSXVenture 6/30/2017 CPC
Software Platform Partners Corp. TSX 6/29/2017 Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation
Apolo Acquisition Corp. TSXVenture 6/28/2017 CPC
Legion Metals Corp. CSE 6/15/2017 Mining
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