Industry Sector : Consumer Cyclical - Advertising and Marketing
Consumer Cyclical - Advertising and Marketing Companies
Company Name Symbol Exchange Market Cap
Aimia Inc. AIM TSX   258.90M
DATA Communications Management Corp. DCM TSX   25.81M
Snipp Interactive Inc. SPN TSX Venture   12.59M
YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. YD TSX Venture   11.41M
iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. ISD TSX Venture   9.76M
Fanlogic Interactive Inc. FLGC TSX Venture   8.16M
Yangaroo Inc. YOO TSX Venture   7.96M
EQ Inc. EQ TSX Venture   4.68M
Rewardstream Solutions Inc. REW TSX Venture   3.96M
Advantex Marketing International Inc. ADX CSE   --
BlueRush Media Group Corp. BTV TSX Venture   --
McorpCX, Inc. MCX TSX Venture   --
UpSnap, Inc. UP CSE   --
Whattozee Networks Inc. WTZ CSE   --

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