Industry Sector : Consumer Cyclical - Casinos and Gaming
Consumer Cyclical - Casinos and Gaming Companies
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Company Name Symbol Exchange Market Cap
Amaya Inc. AYA TSX   3.76B
Great Canadian Gaming Corp. GC TSX   1.46B
The Intertain Group Limited ITX TSX   751.73M
Gamehost Inc. GH TSX   254.71M
Pollard Banknote Limited PBL TSX   247.20M
NYX Gaming Group Limited NYX TSX Venture   121.18M
Axion Ventures Inc. AXV TSX Venture   73.99M
Innova Gaming Group Inc. IGG TSX   45.75M
Global Daily Fantasy Sports Inc. DFS TSX Venture   31.33M
Shoal Games Ltd. SGW TSX Venture   29.47M
Gaming Nation Inc. FAN TSX Venture   20.44M
Poydras Gaming Finance Corp. PYD TSX Venture   14.52M
Evergreen Gaming Corp. TNA TSX Venture   12.13M
Tangelo Games Corp. GEL TSX Venture   9.81M
Jackpot Digital Inc. JP TSX Venture   6.24M
Contagious Gaming Inc. CNS TSX Venture   1.85M
eQube Gaming Limited EQG TSX Venture   1.38M
Millennial Esports Corp. GAME TSX Venture   0.71M
Carlyle Entertainment Ltd. OLG CSE   --
Fantasy 6 Sports Inc. FYS CSE   --
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