Industry Sector : Healthcare - Medical Instruments and Supplies
Healthcare - Medical Instruments and Supplies Companies
Company Name Symbol Exchange Market Cap
TSO3 Inc. TOS TSX   257.82M
CRH Medical Corporation CRH TSX   227.49M
Lexagene Holdings Inc. LXG TSX Venture   49.40M
LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. LMD TSX Venture   18.67M
Ergoresearch Ltd. ERG TSX Venture   18.13M
VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. VPT TSX Venture   13.47M
Lattice Biologics Ltd. LBL TSX Venture   8.92M
Aurora Spine Corporation ASG TSX Venture   4.99M
Relevium Technologies Inc. RLV TSX Venture   3.49M
Luminor Medical Technologies Inc. LMT TSX Venture   1.78M
Preferred Dental Technologies Inc. PDT CSE   --

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