Industry Sector : Industrials - Security and Protection Services
Industrials - Security and Protection Services Companies
Company Name Symbol Exchange Market Cap
Avigilon Corporation AVO TSX   643.44M
AlarmForce Industries Inc. AF TSX   124.55M
BSM Technologies Inc. GPS TSX   123.80M
Nanotech Security Corp. NTS TSX Venture   69.84M
ID Watchdog, Inc. IDW TSX Venture   46.30M
Avante Logixx Inc. XX TSX Venture   26.91M
Patriot One Technologies Inc. PAT TSX Venture   14.75M
Pool Safe Inc. POOL TSX Venture   14.20M
AirIQ Inc. IQ TSX Venture   4.63M
Gatekeeper Systems Inc. GSI TSX Venture   0.71M
Mission Ready Services Inc. MRS TSX Venture   0.71M

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