Industry Sector : Technology - Internet Content and Information
Technology - Internet Content and Information Companies
Company Name Symbol Exchange Market Cap
Tucows Inc. TC TSX   708.00M
Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. MDF TSX   237.00M
UrtheCast Corp. UR TSX   190.00M
AcuityAds Holdings Inc. AT TSX Venture   135.00M
Points International Ltd. PTS TSX   133.00M
theScore, Inc. SCR TSX Venture   56.20M
Peeks Social Ltd. PEEK TSX Venture   48.60M
ProntoForms Corporation PFM TSX Venture   35.60M
Shoal Games Ltd. SGW TSX Venture   27.70M
Fireswirl Technologies Inc. FSW TSX Venture   2.92M
Armada Data Corp. ARD TSX Venture   2.83M
Mobio Technologies Inc. MBO TSX Venture   2.71M
Darelle Online Solutions Inc. DAR TSX Venture   2.19M
Kona Bay Technologies Inc. KBY TSX Venture   0.72M

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