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European Dividend Growth Fund

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European Dividend Growth Fund is a closed-end investment fund. The investment objectives of the Fund are to provide Unitholders with (i) stable monthly cash distributions; (ii) the opportunity for capital appreciation; and (iii) lower overall volatility of portfolio returns than would otherwise be experienced by owning securities of European Dividend Growth Companies directly. The Fund will seek to hedge substantially all of its exposure to foreign currencies back to the Canadian dollar. The Fund has been created to provide investors with exposure to an equal-weight portfolio of equity securities of large-capitalization European Dividend Growth Companies. In order to qualify for inclusion in the Portfolio, at the time of investment and at the time of each periodic reconstitution and/or rebalancing, each European Dividend Growth Company comprising the Portfolio must (i) be a constituent of the STOXX Europe 600 Index; (ii) have a market capitalization of at least EUR15 billion; and (iii) have a history of dividend growth or, in the Manager's view, have high potential for future dividend growth. Brompton Funds Limited will act as the manager and the portfolio manager of the Fund.
Address: Suite 2930, 181 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 2T3
Phone: (416) 642-9050

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