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Eviana Health Corporation
CSE: EHC    

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Eviana Health Corporation was established for the marketing of proprietary formulations of natural skincare and therapeutic products (cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals). The Company is now completing the final stages that will enable it to deliver customized consumer skin care products. The Company holds an option to acquire a 100% equity interest in Eviana Inc., an Ontario corporation that holds certain assets in Serbia relating to the cultivation of industrial hemp plant oil for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industry. Pursuant to this option, the Company has access to a significant grower/supplier of a critical ingredient in topical skin care cream. The Company plans to build on its presence as a cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical centered business focusing on the market for natural hemp strains of cannabis sativa for bio-chemical cosmeceutical and nutraceutical merchandise and cannabinoid-based topical creams and products.
Address: 5728 E. Boulevard, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6M 4M4
Phone: (604) 780-3311

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