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PreveCeutical Medical Inc.

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PreveCeutical Medical Inc. is an innovative bio-pharma company with three proprietary technologies in development. The Company plans to identify new nature identical peptides from Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom to assist with cancer-targeted treatments; a sol-gel, extended release, delivery platform for local, systemic and nose-to-brain delivery of therapeutic compounds as well as a single-gene dual therapy technology for the treatment and possible prevention of diabetes and obesity. The Company currently has one product available for sale, the CELLB9TM Immune System Booster. CELLB9TM is an oral solution containing polarized and potentiated essential minerals extracted from a novel peptide obtained from Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom. The active potentiated ingredients in the Blue Scorpion venom appear to support health at a deep cellular level. The solution is colourless and odourless and can be administered orally.
Address: Suite 2200, 1177 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6E 2K3
Phone: (604) 416-7777

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