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Alamos Gold Inc.
Symbol: TSX: AGI    
Address: Suite 2200, 130 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 3P5
Phone: (416) 368-9932
Fax: (416) 368-2934
Contact: John A. McCluskey, President
Alamos Gold Inc. is a Canadian-based intermediate gold producer with diversified production from three operating mines in North America. This includes the Young-Davidson mine in northern Ontario, Canada and the Mulatos and El Chanate mines in Sonora State, Mexico. Additionally, Alamos has a significant portfolio of exploration through advanced development stage projects in Mexico, Turkey, Canada and the United States. In Turkey, Alamos has three gold development projects, the Aği Daği, Kirazli and Çamyurt gold projects, in northwestern Turkey. In the US, Alamos has a gold exploration porperty, the Quartz Mountain Property, located in south-central Oregon. In Canada, Alamos is developing the Lynn Lake Gold Project, located in Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Also, Alamos has a gold development project, the Esperanza Gold Project, located in south-central Mexico in the state of Morelos.

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
Jun 30 - 2Q
Year Ago Quarter
Jun 30 - 2Q
Revenue (000s) 127,600 US$ 117,100 US$
Net Income (000s) 2,400 US$ (11,800) US$
EPS 0.01 US$ (0.04) US$
 Current 6 monthsYear Ago 6 months
Revenue (000s) 244,800 US$ 218,200 US$
Net Income (000s) 2,500 US$ (2,100) US$
EPS 0.01 US$ (0.01) US$

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