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Athabasca Oil Corporation
Symbol: TSX: ATH    
Address: Suite 1200, 215 - 9th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 1K3
Phone: (403) 237-8227
Fax: (403) 264-4640
Contact: Thomas W. Buchanan, CEO
Founded in 2006, Athabasca Oil Corporation is focused on the sustainable development of oil sands in the Athabasca region in northeastern Alberta and light oil resources in northwestern Alberta, Canada. Athabasca holds a significant land base in the northwestern and Athabasca regions of Alberta.

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
Jun 30 - 2Q
Year Ago Quarter
Jun 30 - 2Q
Revenue (000s) 207,438 33,322
Net Income (000s) 24,233 (59,169)
EPS 0.05 (0.15)
 Current 6 monthsYear Ago 6 months
Revenue (000s) 366,648 66,839
Net Income (000s) (4,932) (124,298)
EPS (0.01) (0.31)

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