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BlackBerry Limited
Symbol: TSX: BB    
Address: 2200 University Avenue East
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2K 0A7
Phone: (519) 888-7465
Fax: (519) 888-6990
Contact: John Chen, Executive Chair
BlackBerry Limited provides mobile communications solutions. BlackBerry develops and sells smartphones and other devices under the BlackBerry brand name worldwide. The Company is organized and managed as three operating segments: Software & Services, Mobility Solutions, and Service Access Fees ("SAF").
The Software & Services segment includes all operations relating to the Company's software and service offerings and products, including: Enterprise solutions and services, which provides mobile security, management, productivity and collaboration solutions through BES12 and the Good Suites, as well as value added products such as the WatchDox secure enterprise file sync and share solution and the Movirtu virtual SIM split billing solution; Business Technology Solutions, which includes QNX, Certicom, Paratek, the BlackBerry IoT Platform and Intellectual Property and Patent Licensing; AtHoc, which provides secure, networked crisis communications solutions; SecuSmart, which provides secure voice and text messaging solutions with advanced encryption and antieaves dropping capabilities; consumer BlackBerry Messenger service (BBM) for BlackBerry devices; and Professional Cybersecurity Services, which offers cybersecurity consulting services and tools.
The Mobility Solutions segment includes the development, manufacturing and sale of BlackBerry handheld devices, including accessories and non-warranty repairs, and the licensing of BlackBerry handheld device software.
The SAF segment includes service access fees charged to subscribers using the Company's legacy BlackBerry 7 and prior BlackBerry operating systems, and an allocation of revenue associated with the sale of BlackBerry 10 devices relating to service obligations and unspecified future software upgrades.

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
May 31 - 1Q
Year Ago Quarter
May 31 - 1Q
Revenue (000s) 235,000 US$ 400,000 US$
Net Income (000s) 671,000 US$ (670,000) US$
EPS 1.26 US$ (1.28) US$
 Current -Year Ago -
Revenue (000s) - -
Net Income (000s) - -
EPS - -

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