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Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust
Symbol: TSX: BEI.UN    
Address: Suite 200, 1501 - 1st Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2R 0W1
Phone: (403) 531-9255
Fax: (403) 531-9565
Contact: Sam Kolias, President
Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust currently owns and operates more than 200 communities with over 33,000 residential units totaling over 28 million net rentable square feet. (November 2016). Boardwalk REIT is vertically integrated and is Canada's leading owner/operator of multi-family communities with over 1,400 associates bringing Customers home to properties located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec.

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
Jun 30 - 2Q
Year Ago Quarter
Jun 30 - 2Q
Revenue (000s) 105,579 110,406
Net Income (000s) 63,426 6,568
EPS 1.37 0.14
 Current 6 monthsYear Ago 6 months
Revenue (000s) 211,073 223,774
Net Income (000s) 80,617 62,765
EPS 1.74 1.35

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