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BTB Real Estate Investment Trust
Symbol: TSX: BTB.UN    
Address: Suite 300, 2155 Crescent Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 2C1
Phone: (514) 286-0188
Fax: (514) 286-0011
Contact: Michel Léonard, President
BTB Real Estate Investment Trust is an important owner of properties in eastern Canada. BTB owns 73 commercial, office and industrial properties for a total leasable area of approximately 5.1 million square feet. The objectives of BTB are: i) to grow its revenues from its assets to increase distributable income and therefore fund distributions; (ii) to maximize the value of its assets through dynamic management of its properties in order to sustain the long-term value of its units; and (iii) to generate cash distributions that are fiscally beneficial to unitholders. (August 2015)

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
Dec 31 - 4Q
Year Ago Quarter
Dec 31 - 4Q
Revenue (000s) 18,270 18,539
Net Income (000s) 9,130 (2,124)
EPS 0.22 (0.06)
 Current 12 monthsYear Ago 12 months
Revenue (000s) 73,384 72,892
Net Income (000s) 22,085 8,669
EPS 0.57 0.25

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