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Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited - Class A
Symbol: TSX: CTC.A    
Address: 2180 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4V 2V8
Phone: (416) 480-3000
Fax: (416) 484-8872
Contact: Wayne C. Sales
Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is a family of businesses that includes a retail segment, a financial services division and CT REIT. Its retail business is led by Canadian Tire, which was founded in 1922 and provides Canadians with products for life in Canada across its Living, Playing, Fixing, Automotive and Seasonal categories. PartSource and Gas+ are key parts of the Canadian Tire network. The retail segment also includes Mark's, a leading source for casual and industrial wear, and FGL Sports (Sport Chek, Hockey Experts, Sports Experts, National Sports, Intersport, Pro Hockey Life and Atmosphere), which offers the best active wear brands.

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
Apr 1 - 1Q
Year Ago Quarter
Apr 1 - 1Q
Revenue (000s) 2,753,500 2,559,400
Net Income (000s) 87,500 66,500
EPS 1.24 0.9
 Current -Year Ago -
Revenue (000s) - -
Net Income (000s) - -
EPS - -

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