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First Asset European Bank ETF - Advisor Class Units
Symbol: TSX: FHB.A    
Address: Suite 1400, 95 Wellington Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 2N7
Phone: (416) 642-1289 / 1(877) 642-1289
Fax: (416) 362-2199
Contact: Karen Wagman
First Asset European Bank ETF seeks long-term total returns consisting of long-term capital appreciation and regular dividend income from an actively managed portfolio comprised primarily of equity securities of European banks. The First Asset ETF will seek to achieve its investment objective through the application of specialized analysis and expertise and intends to invest in a portfolio of equity securities that in the view of the Portfolio Manager represents a diversified portfolio of the most attractive opportunities in the European banking sector. The First Asset ETF's investments may be selected from any sub-sector or capitalization level of the European banking sector. Generally, the portfolio will consist of between 25 and 35 holdings, and may include ADRs, ADSs, GDRs and IDRs.

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