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Horizons Enhanced Income International Equity ETF
Symbol: TSX: HEJ    
Address: Suite 700, 26 Wellington Street East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5E 1S2
Phone: (416) 933-5745 / 1 (888) 641-5739
Fax: (416) 777-5181
Contact: Steven Hawkins, CEO
The investment objective of Horizons Enhanced Income International Equity ETF is to provide unitholders with: (a) exposure to the performance of an equal weighted portfolio of large capitalization international, non-North American companies; and (b) monthly distributions of dividend and call option income. Horizons HEJ will invest primarily in a portfolio of equity and equity related securities of companies that, as at each semi-annual rebalance date, are amongst the largest by market capitalization and most liquid non-North American based issuers on the TSX, NYSE or NASDAQ.
Horizons HEJ will rebalance, on an equal weight basis, the portfolio of constituent securities on each semi-annual rebalance date. To mitigate downside risk and generate income, Horizons HEJ will generally write covered call options on 100% of the portfolio securities. The level of covered call option writing may vary based on market volatility and other factors. Horizons HEJ will generally seek to hedge substantially all of its exposure to the U.S. dollar back to the Canadian dollar.

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