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Lithium Americas Corp.
Symbol: TSX: LAC    
Address: Suite 1100, 355 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6C 2G8
Phone: 1(778) 656-5820
Fax: (604) 629-0726
Contact: John Kanellitsas, President
Lithium Americas Corp. is developing its Kings Valley, Nevada, lithium deposit into a strategic, scalable and reliable source of high quality lithium products. The Company aims to become a major U.S.-based supplier to support the rising global demand for lithium that is expected from the increased use of hybrid/electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and consumer and industrial lithium battery storage applications. In addition, Lithium Americas is pursuing the opportunity to be a supplier of specialty drilling additive, Hectatone™ and potentially other organoclays for the oil and gas and other industries. In addition, the Compan's Cauchari lithium project, located in Jujuy province, Argentina, a major lithium brine reserve has been defined and a definitive feasibility study has been completed.

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
Sep 30 - 3Q
Year Ago Quarter
Sep 30 - 3Q
Revenue (000s) 452 US$ -
Net Income (000s) (3,723) US$ (2,202) US$
EPS (0.01) US$ (0.01) US$
 Current 12 monthsYear Ago 12 months
Revenue (000s) 620 US$ -
Net Income (000s) (22,127) US$ (7,555) US$
EPS (0.08) US$ (0.06) US$

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