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Purpose International Tactical Hedged Equity Fund
Symbol: TSX: PHW    
Address: Suite 1700, 130 Adelaide Street West
P.O. Box 83
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 3P5
Phone: (416) 583-3850 / 1(877) 789-7517
Fax: (416) 583-3851
Contact: Som Seif
Purpose International Tactical Hedged Equity Fund targets global market returns with substantially less market volatility by dynamically hedging the market risk exposure of the portfolio. The Fund uses a fundamental rules-based portfolio selection strategy to select a long portfolio of relative value and quality equities from a universe of international stocks (excluding the United States and Canada). Separately, the Fund will tactically hedge its market risk exposure to each international market (i.e. Japan, UK, Eurozone, Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands) based on the risks each market presents. The goal of the Fund is to provide a more stable and conservative way to own international equities in order to achieve an attractive risk-adjusted return.

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