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Stingray Digital Group Inc. - Variable SV Shares
Symbol: TSX: RAY.B    
Address: 730 Wellington Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3C 1T4
Phone: (514) 664-1244
Fax: (514) 664-1143
Contact: Eric Boyko, President
Stingray Digital Group Inc. is a business-to-business multi-platform music and in-store media solutions provider operating on a global scale. Stingray operates in two complementary categories of the music industry: Music Broadcasting and Commercial Music. Music Broadcasting available to listeners can be classified into four main categories: traditional radio (AM/FM bands), TV Music Broadcasting, satellite and streaming. The TV Music Broadcasting alternative is appreciated by listeners as they have easy access to a number of high-quality curated music channels through their TV set. The channels are included within the listener's TV subscription and distributed by Pay-TV providers. Commercial Music refers to the creation of a consumer-oriented shopping experience through various communication channels including audio and visual. Stingray broadcasts high quality music and video content on a number of platforms including digital TV, satellite TV, IPTV, the Internet, mobile devices and game consoles.

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