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Blue Ribbon Income Fund
Symbol: TSX: RBN.UN    
Address: Suite 2930, 181 Bay Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 2T3
Phone: (416) 642-9051
Fax: (416) 642-6001
Blue Ribbon Income Fund intends to provide a high level of monthly distributions and the opportunity to participate in capital gains by actively managing a portfolio of publicly listed or traded securities, including income trusts, royalty trusts, real estate investment trusts, common shares, preferred securities and debt instruments.

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
Year Ago Quarter
Revenue (000s) - -
Net Income (000s) - -
EPS - -
 Current 12 monthsYear Ago 12 months
Revenue (000s) 56,230 (29,484)
Net Income (000s) 52,627 (34,224)
EPS 2.37 (1.34)

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