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Shaw Communications Inc. Cl. B
Symbol: TSX: SJR.B    
Address: Suite 900, 630 - 3rd Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 4L4
Phone: (403) 750-4500 / 1(888) 750-4666
Fax: (403) 750-4501
Contact: Brad Shaw, CEO
Shaw Communications Inc. is a diversified communications and media company. Shaw serves its consumers and businesses through its extensive fibre network. Shaw provides consumers with broadband Internet, WiFi, Digital Phone and Video services. Shaw Business provides businesses with Internet, data, WiFi, telephony, Video and fleet tracking services, and ViaWest provides collocation, cloud and managed services. Shaw Media provides Canadians with engaging programming content through one of Canada's largest conventional television networks, Global Television, and 19 specialty networks, including HGTV Canada, Food Network Canada, HISTORY® and Showcase.

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
May 31 - 3Q
Year Ago Quarter
May 31 - 3Q
Revenue (000s) 1,311,000 1,275,000
Net Income (000s) 133,000 700,000
EPS 0.27 1.44
 Current 9 monthsYear Ago 9 months
Revenue (000s) 3,912,000 3,553,000
Net Income (000s) 370,000 1,066,000
EPS 0.74 2.21

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