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Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.
Symbol: TSX: VRX    
Address: 4787 Levy Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4R 2P9
Phone: (514) 744-6792
Fax: (514) 744-6272
Contact: J. Michael Pearson, CEO
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company. The Company is engaged in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a range of branded, generic and branded generic pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter (OTC) products, and medical devices (contact lenses, intraocular lenses, ophthalmic surgical equipment, and aesthetics devices), which are marketed directly or indirectly in over 100 countries. In the Developed Markets segment, Valeant focuses most of its efforts in the eye health, dermatologyand neurology therapeutic classes. In the Emerging Markets segment, Valeant focuses primarily on branded generics, OTC products, and medical devices.

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
Mar 31 - 1Q
Year Ago Quarter
Mar 31 - 1Q
Revenue (000s) 2,109,000 US$ 2,371,600 US$
Net Income (000s) 628,000 US$ (373,700) US$
EPS 1.80 US$ (1.08) US$
 Current -Year Ago -
Revenue (000s) - -
Net Income (000s) - -
EPS - -

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