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Alternate Health Corp.
Symbol: CSE: AHG    
Address: Suite 300, 56 Temperance Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 3V5
Phone: (416) 607-5757
Contact: Marjorie Sanderson, CEO
Alternate Health Corp. is a diversified healthcare company that uses its expertise in technology to revolutionize patient care and service delivery in both traditional and complementary medical fields. With investments in research, education and cutting edge technology, Alternate Health Corp. is a leader in software applications and processing systems for the medical industry using proprietary technology platforms. Through its subsidiaries, Alternate Health Corp. offers services ranging from medical practice and controlled substance management software to blood analysis and toxicology labs, to clinical research and continuing education programs. Alternate Health Corp.'s goal is to continue to lead the medical industry with data-driven results in patient care and product development.

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