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The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation
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Address: Suite 110, 477 Mt. Pleasant Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4S 2L9
Phone: (416) 840-4703
Contact: Scott Boyes, President
The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation is an Ontario corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiaries in the U.S., provides management, staffing, procurement, advisory, financial, real estate rental, logistics and administrative services to two medicinal cannabis enterprises in Arizona. While the Company does not directly own, possess or sell cannabis or cannabis-infused products, it does provide substantial support and exerts considerable influence over these two businesses, which are legally authorized to sell medical cannabis and derivative products. The Company also leases a property in Owen Sound, Ontario, for which an application to Health Canada has been made for a cannabis production and sales license. In addition, the Company will continue its efforts related to its legacy nutraceuticals business.

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