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Dragon Legend Entertainment (Canada) Inc.
Symbol: CSE: DLE    
Address: 3467 Commercial Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V5N 4E8
Phone: (604) 668-5972
Fax: (604) 871-9926
Contact: David Chen
Dragon Legend Entertainment Inc. was incorporated under the laws of Florida, USA and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA. Dragon Legend is a management firm specializing in all aspects of live theatrical management and production. Dragon Legend has been managing and operating hundreds of productions and performances and oversees the entire creation, production and ongoing operation of various types of live productions including cultural festivals at major theme parks, water parks, and theaters throughout the United States of America and Asia. Dragon Legend provides leading entertainment venue operators in the U.S. such as Walt Disney World and Sea World, and Universal Studios in Japan with a "turn-key" production services, which range from script development, creative realization of an operator's requested performance, event deployment, producing/managing the ongoing performance as well as ongoing event management.

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