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FPX Nickel Corp.
Symbol: TSX Venture: FPX    
Address: Suite 725, 1155 West Pender Streett
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6E 2P4
Phone: (604) 681-8600
Fax: (604) 681-8799
Contact: Martin Turenne, President
FPX Nickel Corp. is focused on the exploration and development of the Decar Nickel-Iron Alloy Project, located in central British Columbia.

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
Mar 31 - 1Q
Year Ago Quarter
Mar 31 - 1Q
Revenue (000s) - -
Net Income (000s) (443) 126
EPS 0 0
 Current -Year Ago -
Revenue (000s) - -
Net Income (000s) - -
EPS - -

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