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New Pacific Metals Corp.
Symbol: TSX Venture: NUAG    
Address: Suite 1378, 200 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6C 1S4
Phone: (604) 669-9397
Fax: (604) 669-9387
Contact: Rui Feng, CEO
New Pacific Metals Corp. is a Canadian investment company with investment focus on mineral resource industry. The investment objectives for the Company as an investment issuer are to seek: a high return on investment opportunities, primarily in the natural resource, industrial, or technology sectors; and to preserve capital and limit downside risk while achieving a reasonable rate of return by focusing on opportunities with attractive risk to reward profiles. The Company owns the Tagish Lake gold project in Yukon, Canada and the RZY early stage silver-lead-zinc project in Qinghai Province, China.

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