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Quadron Cannatech Corporation
Symbol: CSE: QCC    
Address: Suite 1600, 609 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7Y 1C3
Phone: (778) 331-8505
Fax: 1(866) 824-8938
Contact: Rosy Mondin, CEO
Quadron Cannatech Corporation through its subsidiaries, provides a variety of products and services structured to address the complex needs and requirements of cannabis industry participants in Canada and the US. Quadron's principal focus is on the design and production of automated cannabis extraction and processing equipment, which it leases and/or sells to industry participants. In addition, the Company distributes ancillary products, such as customized dispensing devices (i.e. vaporizer pens) and branded consumption type products (i.e. capsules) along with a variety of packaging options to authorized cannabis industry participants (via Greenmantle). Quadron's subsidiary Cybernetic specializes in providing equipment automation services, control solutions and process manufacturing expertise to a variety of industry sectors.

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Wed, Aug 30, 2017
Q4 2017 Results
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