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Officers and Directors
Zachery Dingsdale - President, CEO & Director
Ickbal Boga - Chief Financial & Director
Steve Smith - Director
Mark Fekete - Director
Patricia Wilson - Director

  Discovering and Developing Resource Rich Deposits  

Company Overview

Taku Gold Corp. is an exploration and resource company with substantial land holdings in the White Gold District of Yukon, Canada. Today, the company is one of the largest stakeholders in the region, which has recently been the site of numerous major gold finds, and is rapidly emerging as the heart of the new Yukon Gold Rush. In addition to White Gold's properties, Taku Gold also owns the TAG Gold-Silver Project, located in northern British Columbia. TAG project revealed a 6.2 km gold-bearing fault that has yielded gold and silver in 67 holes drilled to date.

White Gold District Properties, Yukon Territory

With 8 properties totaling 67,448 hectares, Taku Gold is currently one of the largest stakeholders in the White Gold District. Many of these properties neighbour Kinross' properties which have demonstrated major resources. And like those properties, this terrain features prospective rock types and structures similar to nearby Kinross, Kaminak and Comstock discoveries.

Taku has completed a high resolution, multi-sensor, airborne geophysical survey over all of Taku's properties.

The company has also completed detailed deep-auger soil sampling surveys on all Properties all of which having ongoing significant placer gold production on them.

In 2012, these detailed surveys resulted in the discovery of 7 significant Gold anomalies including the very large Hudbay and Norwest Gold Zones located on the Rosebute property.

In 2013, Taku intends to drill these new discoveries in the White Gold District.

Taku Gold 2012 Exploration Highlights
  • Rosebute
    - 2 Gold Zones over 5kms up to 3.4 g/t (3,400ppb) gold in soils
    - Drilled 23.4m of 0.952g/t gold at Norwest zone
    - Initial trenching at Hudbay zone returned 5m of 6.17g/t gold
  • Sulphur
    - 5 Gold Zones up to 576ppb gold in soils
    - Drilled 2m of 0.31g/t gold at Lions zone
  • Bishop
    2 Gold Zones over 1.2 km, up to 88.8ppb gold in soils
  • Montana
    3 Gold anomalies, up to 360ppb gold in soils
  • Wounded Moose
    4 Gold anomalies, up to 746ppb gold in soils
  • Quartz
    1 Gold anomaly, up to 24ppb gold in soils
  Rosebute Property (14,387 hectares)
Rosebute property is located approximately 55km due south of Dawson City, Yukon and was acquired in March 2010 from well-known Yukon prospector Shawn Ryan. In 2010, 5,158 soil samples were collected on two grids based on 50m sample intervals on lines spaced approximately 100m apart, and a 1,107km airborne radiometric and magnetic geophysical survey was flown. Excellent geochemical results were obtained from the first grid located in the northwestern part of the property and an anomalous gold area approximately 189ha in size was identified (the Norwest zone).

Two major gold zones, Norwest zone and Hudbay zone, have been discovered so far.

Norwest Zone
In 2011, detailed geochemical sampling delineated three distinct gold anomalies. In 2012, Taku began by concentrating on the Norwest zone's three gold-rich anomalies. Taku released results from a four hole, 963 metre core drilling program completed Norwest Zone. Three of the four holes returned notable gold intersections.

The first hole intersected 0.95 grams per tonne gold (gpt Au) over 23.4 metres (m) from 22.6m in an area where soil geochemical sampling returned up to 1.3gpt Au within an anomalous trend at least 500m long. The second hole intersected 1.58gpt Au over 1.0m from 19.0m in an area where a strong arsenic-in-soil anomaly was identified in 2011. The fourth hole intersected 0.88gpt Au over 3.0m from 66.0m where soil geochemical sampling returned up to 0.3gpt Au within an anomalous area at least 450m long. The third hole, drilled to test 900m long gold-in-soil trend with values up to 0.2gpt Au, did not intersect any notable gold-bearing intervals.

Hudbay Zone
Hudbay Zone is a large gold-in-soil anomaly in the western part of the Rosebute property. In 2012, A total of 1,341 metres of trenching was done in seven trenches to test the southern end of the Hudbay zone. Broken bedrock in the trenches was sampled systematically at five metre sampling intervals and a number of parallel, north-trending gold zones were identified. Highlights of the sampling include 6.17g/t Au over 5m from 35.0m in Trench 12-02 and 1.50g/t Au over 20.0m from 130.0m in Trench 12-04.

  Sulphur Property (11,344 hectares)
Sulphur Property is located in the Klondike gold district of Yukon approximately 45 kilometres southeast of Dawson City. The property straddles Sulphur Creek where there are currently at least four active placer gold mining operations. The Sulphur Creek road provides good access to the property.

In 2011, reconnaissance ridge and spur soil sampling identified seven geochemically anomalous zones.

In August 2012, 1,033 metre core drilling program in the Lions area which is located in the northeast corner of the property encountered anomalous gold values with the best intersection found in hole SU12-01 where 0.31 grams per tonne Au (gpt Au) was intersected over 2.0m section from 50.0m.

Better gold values were encountered in the single hole drilled on the Blues area across the Sulphur Creek valley from Lions. Soil geochemical sampling over the Blues area in 2011 defined a 900m long, northwest-trending, linear gold-in-soil anomaly, and up to 1.0gpt Au was obtained from trench sampling. Hole SU12-07 returned three gold intersections with up to 0.72gpt Au over 1.0m from 72.0m.

  Quartz Property (3,022 hectares)
Includes the section of Quartz Creek where significant placer gold has been and continues to be produced.

A 901-sample, deep auger-type, soil geochemical survey and 340 line km airborne geophysical survey was completed over the 146-claim (3022ha) Quartz property in mid-September 2010. The soil sampling was done at 50m intervals on lines spaced approximately 450m apart and is therefore very preliminary. However a cluster of seven anomalous gold-in-soil values was identified in the northwest corner of the property with a maximum value of 24ppm Au. This cluster occurs at the south margin of a very strong magnetic high identified by the airborne geophysical survey.

Taku also completed a high-definition, airborne magnetic and radiometric geophysical survey on the property in 2010.

  Montana Property (6,065 hectares)
Connects to Kinross' JP Ross property and includes the lower end of Steele Fork, where magnetic data and limited geological mapping indicate a thrust fault prospective for gold mineralization.

Taku completed a high-definition, airborne magnetic and radiometric geophysical survey on the property in 2010 outlining a southeast trending magnetic structure that lies parallel to Steele Creek. Cursory prospecting in 2010 indicates that the magnetic signature may be due to a thrust fault marked by abundant quartz veins and breccias along Steele Creek. Placer gold produced on Steele Creek may be related to the thrust fault.

  Wounded Moose Property (9,338 hectares)
Covers a series of circular airborne magnetic highs that parallel Wounded Moose Creek where placer gold production has been recorded.

Taku completed a high-definition, airborne magnetic and radiometric geophysical survey on the property in 2010 outlining several west-trending geophysical features.

  AM Property (5,796 hectares)
Includes Australia and Melba Creek headwaters where placer gold production has occurred, and also features a prominent airborne magnetic low that continues from Gold Run Creek, which is one the most productive creeks in the Klondike goldfields.

  Bishop Property (4,658 hectares)
Includes a large area where previous work by the property vendors Tom Morgan and Vern Matkovich outlined a strong, southeast trending conductor on the margin of a magnetic high. Mechanical auger drilling done by the property vendors to test for placer gold found unusual gold grains in bedrock samples collected across the geophysical anomaly. The gold grains are angular, dark yellow in colour and often attached to quartz fragments. Generally they are atypical and do not resemble placer gold produced in the immediate area.

Bedrock samples collected on the up-slope, southwest side of the geophysical anomaly consist of schistose metasediments whereas ultramafic rocks were found on the down-slope, northeast side of the geophysical anomaly. Moreover no gold was found southwest of the geophysical anomaly whereas gold was found in several auger holes drilled northeast of the geophysical anomaly. A 5-hole, 500m drilling program completed in 2010 was designed to determine if the geophysical anomaly is caused by a gold-bearing structure localized along the ultramafic-metasediment contact.

A total of 691.9m of drilling in 5 holes was completed on the Bishop property in late October 2010. The goal of the drilling was to test a strong, southeast trending conductor on the margin of a magnetic high associated with unusual placer gold grains found in bedrock samples collected by mechanical auger drilling. In four of the five holes, the drilling intersected a zone marked by shearing, quartz veins, stockworks and breccias, and weak sulphide mineralization. The structure generally follows an ultramafic, metasediment contact. Assay results from the zone were generally low. The best gold value was 0.5gpt Au over 1.0m from 32.5m in hole IN10-03.

  Burnham Property (13,662 hectares)
Contains one contiguous block approximately 35km long that covers the headwaters of Australia, Melba, Rob Roy, Burnham, Arkansas, Kentucky and Jensen Creeks. These creeks are all tributaries of Dominion Creek where significant placer gold production has been documented dating back to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898.

TAG Gold-Silver Project, Atlin Mining Division, Northern British Columbia

    TAG Project Highlights
  • Multi-million ounce gold & silver potential
  • Sediment-hosted, structurally controlled, mesothermal gold deposit
  • 6km structure open in all directions
  • High grade surface gold & silver
  • 69 holes drilled to date, over 12,000 metres
  • Up to 7.5g/t gold & 300g/t silver from drilling
  • Over 20m average width of structure
  • Numerous untested drill targets on structure and elsewhere on property
  • Resource calculation underway
The TAG Gold-Silver property consists of 26 claims (2,429ha) and is located 35km due west of Atlin on Taku Arm of Tagish Lake. The lake provides relatively good access by barge and float plane. A winterized, 16-man camp has been built on the property.

The property covers 6.2km of the 025 Fault Zone. The 025FZ is a highly deformed interval of shearing, quartz veining, stockwork and breccia with disseminated to stringer sulphide mineralization that cuts calcareous sedimentary rocks. Sediment-hosted, structurally controlled gold deposits are some of the world's most significant gold resources. The TAG property shows all the features that characterize these deposit types.

Between 2006 and 2008 Taku completed airborne geophysical, soil geochemical and prospecting surveys as well as extensive surface trenching and 11,476m of drilling in 69 drill holes. Taku recently announced a 43-101 initial mineral resource estimate calculation from 28 holes drilled on the Main Zone located at the far south end of the 025FZ.

The mineral resource estimate includes 250,000 tonnes @ 3.0 grams per tonne ("gpt") gold ("Au") and 12.1gpt silver ("Ag") classified as Indicated mineral resources and a further 400,000 tonnes @ 3.0gpt Au and 9.9gpt Ag classified as Inferred mineral resources. The estimated mineral resources contain 25,736 gold-equivalent ounces (cut) or 26,848 gold-equivalent ounces (uncut) in the Indicated category and 40,705 gold-equivalent ounces (cut) or 42,528 gold-equivalent ounces (uncut) in the Inferred category.

The TAG property remains wide open for further exploration. A new surface showing was discovered in 2008 that returned values up to 7.8gpt Au. This showing is located on the south margin of a quartz diorite intrusion that is well outlined by the airborne magnetic survey. Limited drilling was completed at the north end of this intrusive body and intersected maximum values of 4.3gpt Au and 14.6gpt Ag. The best weight averaged intersection was 16m of 0.29gpt Au and 1.3gpt Ag. The area underlain by the quartz diorite will be the focus for Taku's exploration effort in 2010. A $1.5 million budget has been proposed.

Mineral Resource Estimate
Taku Gold has received a mineral resource estimate from Reddick Consulting Inc. The mineral resource estimates for the TAG 025 Zone are summarised as follows:

Category Tonnes Au gpt
Ag gpt
Au gpt
Ag gpt
Indicated 250,000 3.0 12.1 3.1 14.4
Inferred 400,000 3.0 9.9 3.1 12.4

Estimated Contained Ounces

Category Au Oz
Ag Oz
AuEq Oz
Au Oz
Ag Oz
AgEq Oz
Indicated 24,113 97,256 25,736 24,917 115,743 26,848
Inferred 38,581 127,317 40,705 39,867 159,468 42,528

Management and Directors

Zachery Dingsdale - President, CEO & Director
With over 16 years experience in the capital markets, Mr. Dingsdale brings a substantial background in financial management to the company as Founder and Director of Tangent Management Corp., a financial management firm that provides financial consulting and management services to publicly listed companies. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Otish Energy Inc. and Tajiri Ventures Corp.. In addition, he has completed the Canadian Securities Course and The Mining and Mineral Exploration program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Ickbal Boga - Chief Financial & Director
Combining his expertise in the resource sector with his background as a Chartered Accountant, Mr. Boga serves as CFO of Taku Gold. He has also served as a Director, Corporate Secretary and CFO of Otish Energy Inc.. From 1991 to 1992, Mr. Boga was CFO of Workplace Health & Safety Agency in Toronto, and has also held positions with Canada Post, British Petroleum Canada Inc. and KPMG. Mr. Boga has been an officer and director of three capital pool companies including Camflo Resources Inc., Ona Energy Inc. and 8 Crown Capital Inc.

Steve Smith - Director
Bringing over 22 years experience in the financial markets to his position, Steve Smith has been with Taku Gold since 2005. He has expertise in corporate management, corporate finance, public relations and administration, and is President and CEO of Otish Energy Inc.. In addition to a B.A. (Economics) from the University of Toronto, he has completed the Canadian Securities Course and Canadian Investment Management Course Part 1. He is also a partner in Tangent Management.

Mark Fekete - Director
Currently President of Hinterland Metals Inc., a mineral exploration company trading on the TSXV, Mark Fekete has had a 24-year career in the mineral exploration business, including an extensive history in Northern Canadian exploration. Born and raised in the Yukon, Mark brings a unique local knowledge of the White Gold District to Taku. He is a registered Professional Geologist and a member of the company's technical committee.

Patricia Wilson - Director
Patricia graduated from St. Anne's College, Sanderstead in Surrey, UK. She has over 35 years working with public companies in accounting and compliance including the preparation of quarterly and year-end statements for audit. Since 1995, Patricia has been director of Kaitech Financial Corporation, a private company offering management and accounting services.

Company Contact

Zachery Dingsdale
President & CEO
Toll Free: (800) 610-9552
Corporate Office:
Address: Suite 1450, 409 Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6C 1T2
Web site:

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