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Candian Securities Exchange (CSE)

CSE Bulletin Board
4/17/2017 Effective April 18, 2017 Fundamental Applications Corp. "FUN" will change its name to Global Cannabis Applications Corp. "APP".
4/5/2017 Effective April 7, 2017 Rise Resources Inc. "UPP" will change its name to Rise Gold Corp. "RISE".
4/5/2017 Effective April 7, 2017 Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. "SNA". will commence trading. Delisted from the TSX Venture
3/31/2017 Effective April 3, 2017 Squatex Energy and Resources Inc. "SQX". will commence trading.
3/29/2017 Effective March 30, 2017 Enviroleach Technologies Inc. "ETI". will commence trading.
3/23/2017 Effective March 29, 2017 Brakpan Ventures Corp. "BVC" will change its name to International Cobalt Corp. "CO".
3/23/2017 Effective March 27, 2017 Miramont Resources Corp. "MONT". will commence trading.
3/17/2017 Effective March 20, 2017 Platinex Inc. "PTX". will commence trading.
2/27/2017 Effective February 28, 2017 One World Minerals Inc. "OWM". will commence trading.
2/23/2017 Effective February 24, 2017 Quadron Capital Corporation "QCC". will commence trading.
2/10/2017 Effective February 13, 2017 DGS Minerals Inc. will change its name to Dragon Legend Entertainment (Canada) Inc. "DLE".
2/2/2017 Effective February 3, 2017 Minera IRL Limited "MIRL". will commence trading.
2/1/2017 Effective February 2, 2017 Arcturus Growthstar Technologies Inc. "AGS" will change its name to Future Farm Technologies Inc. "FFT".
1/26/2017 Effective January 27, 2017 The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation "BCC" will commence trading.
1/25/2017 Effective January 26, 2017 Pacific Therapeutics Ltd. "PT" will change its name to Tower One Wireless Corp. "TO".

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