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Notable Canadian IPOs

  Mundo Inc.
Mundo is a global, online, performance-based advertising technology company. It leverages billions of user specific data points to efficiently acquire and retain mobile and desktop customers for advertisers, while generating monetization channels for publishers.

Latest IPO Filing
Steamsand Capital Corp.TSXVenture7/20/2017
Cabernet Capital Corp.TSXVenture7/18/2017
Black Tusk Resources Inc.CSE7/13/2017
AIM1 Ventures Inc.TSXVenture7/10/2017
Canaccord Genuity Acquisition Corp.TSX6/30/2017
MJ Opportunity Corp.TSXVenture6/30/2017
Rebel Capital Inc.TSXVenture6/30/2017
Software Platform Partners Corp.TSX6/29/2017
Apolo Acquisition Corp.TSXVenture6/28/2017
Legion Metals Corp.CSE6/15/2017

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