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Notable Canadian IPOs
  BOS Solutions Holdings Inc.
BOS Solutions is a North American provider of customizable and scalable liquids-solids separation services. The Company's proprietary processes and technologies recycle fluids, reduce associated waste for disposal and provide customers with an environmental solution that lowers all-in project costs. BOS provides liquids-solids separation services to the oilfield industry and to other industrial markets.

Latest IPO Filing
Seaside Exploration Partners Corp.TSXVenture3/17/2017
22 Capital Corp.TSXVenture3/15/2017
Fireweed Zinc Ltd.TSXVenture3/15/2017
BOS Solutions Holdings Inc.TSX3/13/2017
Buffalo Capital Inc.TSXVenture3/10/2017
Transcontinental Gold Corp.TSXVenture2/28/2017
Aumento Capital VI CorporationTSXVenture2/27/2017
Silver Viper Minerals Corp.TSXVenture2/27/2017
Hope Well Capital Corp.TSXVenture2/17/2017
Aztec Minerals Corp.TSXVenture2/14/2017

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