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Newsletter of the International Copper Study Groups

International Copper Study Group, The World Copper Factbook 2015

International Copper Study Group, Copper Market Forecast 2016-2017

International Copper Study Group, Copper Market Forecast 2015-2016

A Review of the Global Aluminium Industry: 1972-2012

Copper Survery 2013 (Thomson Reuters GFMS)

CDA's Annual Data 2016 - Copper Supply & Consumption 1995-2015

Copper Development Association Inc. - Newsletters

The Copper Data Center

Copper Statistics and Information (USGS)

Aluminum Statistics and Information (USGS)

Lead Statistics and Information (USGS)
Lead is a very corrosion-resistant, dense, ductile, and malleable blue-gray metal that has been used for at least 5,000 years. Early uses of lead included building materials, pigments for glazing ceramics, and pipes for transporting water.

Nickel Statistics and Information (USGS)
Nickel (Ni) is a transition element that exhibits a mixture of ferrous and nonferrous metal properties. It is both siderophile (i.e., associates with iron) and chalcophile (i.e., associates with sulfur). The bulk of the nickel mined comes from two types

Zinc Statistics and Information (USGS)
Zinc is the 23rd most abundant element in the earth's crust. Sphalerite, zinc sulfide, is and has been the principal ore mineral in the world. Zinc is necessary to modern living, and, in tonnage produced, stands fourth among all metals in world production

London Metal Exchange Historical prices

London Metal Exchange Copper

London Metal Exchange Aluminium

London Metal Exchange Lead

London Metal Exchange Nickel

London Metal Exchange Zinc

Copper mine, smelter, refinery production, and refined copper usage by geographical area

International Aluminium Institute Statistics

International Nickel Study Group Statistics

Nickel Institute : Nickel Metas - The Facts

Nickel Institute Annual Report

Stainless Steel News and Nickel Prices

International Zinc Association

Copper Sector Reports
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