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Metals Market Commentaries
Monthly Precious Metals Report
(May 2017)
Source: ScotiaMocatta
Gold prices ran up ahead of the first French election vote, but then corrected as a Marine Le Pen victory seemed less likely. A calmer geopolitical arena has also led to long liquidation.
- We expected increased volatility in April and May and that has been the case. We would let the correction run its course.
- Geopolitical concerns are likely to escalate again as the US is anticipated to take a firm stance against North Korea and Iran. ...Full Story

Gold, silver and copper price report 2015
Commodities just can't seem to get a break. Following a sharp correction during the 2008-09 global financial crisis, the price of many metals and minerals soared and hit record or near-record highs in 2011, driven largerly by demand from resource-hungry China. ...Full Story

Gold, silver and copper price report 2014

2013 Global Gold Price Report

2012 Gold Price Report

Forecast 2016
Source: LBMA
Contributors to the 2016 Forecast Survey are predicting price increases across the board for all four metals, ranging from a modest increase of 1.1% in the gold price to a more bullish outcome for the white metals with price increases of 5.4% for both silver and platinum and a more significant increase of 12.7% for palladium prices. ...Full Story

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