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Canadian retail sales eased lower in February after strong January gain
Apr 26, 2017
Much of the dip in retail sales in February reflected a price-led drop in gasoline station receipts (gasoline prices fell sharply in February) and a 1.8% drop in motor vehicle and parts sales that is unlikely to be repeated in March given unit sales inching higher in that month from already elevated levels. Excluding those components, sales were up 0.5% to build on an outsized 2.4% jump in January. Overall sales in volume terms inched 0.1% lower but following a large jump in January are still up a solid 4.5% (annualized) on average in the first quarter to-date. Moreover, the headline retail sales numbers exclude much of 'Ecommerce' (including internet) sales for which ....     More >>
Weekly Commentary
Are Buyers Betting on Growth? - Apr 27, 2017
By Peter G. Hall, Vice-President and Chief Economist, Export Development Canada
Everyone has an opinion. Part of today's trouble is the wide variety of opinions out there. From pundit to professor, from politician to preacher to reporter, there is a smorgasbord of views, each trying to explain our often wacky, post-recession world. But there's more – social media has handed the microphone to the masses. Now anyone with a clever turn of phrase can own the world stage. Sorting out the good from the bad can be a full-time job; who should we listen to? How about those who are putting their money where their mouths are? Across industry, buyers are incessantly placing bets, laying their firms' money out for the inputs required for the next few months' production. What are they saying?
Well, in recent years, we’ve gotten good at asking ...     More >>
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